I just found about emscripten, texlive.js is it really a converted version of texlive in JavaScript or a server as Scribtex and many others? Is this really possible?


This is a legit LaTeX compiler that runs in JavaScript. It does depend on some static files from the server (fonts, packages, etc), but it does not need server-side execution, this means that the data you insert on that page is not transmitted over the wire.

Proof: I watched the HTTP stream using Webscarab after cleaning browser. There are HTTP requests, but these only ask for dependencies (packages, ...) and do not send any LaTeX source to the server (see below).

Webscarab screenshot

I also took a brief look at the source and the project description and using emscripten is a nice idea to bring such applications to the browser, it saves a lot rewriting overhead (programmers time!). The PDF that is generated is also generated on the client, not on the server side.


Yes, it is possible. Emscripten is quite powerful, there are ports of gnuplot, lua and various games. The github repository to the project has more information and the source files at https://github.com/manuels/pdftex.js.

The author says

It's under development and not ready to use, yet.

So we have to wait a bit how the development progresses.

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    Your answer was good, but I had to choose. thank you – La Raison Mar 11 '13 at 21:25

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