Is there around a TeX editor with a spellchecker that recognizes and handles properly TeX commands? For instance, I'd like it to underline with a red wavy line if I write "ntheorem" in my text, but not \usepackage{ntheorem}, figuring out automatically that the argument of usepackage is not meant to be a word but a "special command". Similarly, it should ignore most mathematical content (but not that inside \[ \text{} \]).


As usual, emacs in combination with auctex and any flyspell is quite good in this. It recognizes many TeX-like constructs and even finds out which babel-options you have in your source file. So if you specify babel or the documentclass with a language option, emacs tries to make the spell checking accordingly. For me, this does not leave open any wishes :)

  • You might also want to customize the ispell-tex-skip-alists variable. – mbork Mar 12 '13 at 14:47

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