\newinst[3]{nodeb}{Node B}
\mess{ue}{RRC Connection Request}{rnc}
\mess{rnc}{Radio Link Setup Request}{nodeb}
\mess{nodeb}{Radio Link Setup Response}{rnc}
\mess{rnc}{Establish Request}{nodeb}
\mess{nodeb}{Establish Confirm}{rnc}
\mess{rnc}{RRC Connection Setup}{ue}
\mess{nodeb}{Synchronization Indication}{rnc}
\filldraw[fill=black!30] ($(RRC Connection Setup to)+(0,-.3)$) rectangle ($(Synchronization Indication from) +(0,.3)$)
 node[midway] {L1 Synchronization};
\mess{ue}{RRC Connection Setup Complete}{rnc}


enter image description here

Is it possible assign a different color to pairs of arrows and put a legend with the colors for each protocol layer?


As pgf-umlsd uses a tikzpicture environment for sequence diagrams, you can simply set the TikZ key draw=<color> for the scope of the message in question:

  \mess[<delay>]{<sender>}{<message content>}{<receiver>}

Or if you want to define a convenient macro, you can put this snippet in your preamble:


which gives you a new macro for messages with coloured arrows in the form \colmess{<color>}[<delay>]{<sender>}{<message content>}{<receiver>}.

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Package pgf-umlsd does not allow to specify the color (nor any other option) of the "messages" (the arrows). However, you can enclose a message or a group of messages in a tikz scope and change the color inside the scope, for example:

  \mess{rnc}{Radio Link Setup Request}{nodeb}
  \mess{nodeb}{Radio Link Setup Response}{rnc}

If you plan to use this construct several times, perhaps a better idea is to define your own \colormess to draw coloured messages, using the same trick:


And then use it like this:

\colormess{red}{rnc}{Radio Link Setup Request}{nodeb}

Even a better option would be to create a \mymess based on the code of the original \mess, but accepting also any tikz style to be passed to the draw command:

  (#3)+(0,-\theseqlevel*\unitfactor-0.7*\unitfactor) node (mess from) {};
  (#5)+(0,-\theseqlevel*\unitfactor-0.7*\unitfactor) node (mess to) {};
  \draw[->,>=angle 60,#2] (mess from) -- (mess to) node[midway, above]

  \node (#4 from) at (mess from) {};
  \node (#4 to) at (mess to) {};

Which can be used like:

\mymess{red, dashed, -latex}{rnc}{Radio Link Setup Request}{nodeb}
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  • Hi JLDiaz, the text above the arrow is possible to take the same color? for example \colormess{red}{rnc}{Radio Link Setup Request}{nodeb} the arrow red and the text "Radio Link Setup Request" red too – user21431 Mar 22 '13 at 8:16
  • 1
    @user21431 That is the default behaviour, isn't? I tried with last command \mymess and worked as you ask. – JLDiaz Mar 22 '13 at 9:13
  • I'm sorry, it's true jLDiaz, the behavior of the command mymess do what I indicated. I was checking the command scope, that was just for the arrows. Than you very much for the help! – user21431 Mar 22 '13 at 10:08

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