I use two-sided document mode in Book class KOMA Script. It works well in the sense that the ToC, chapters, titles starts from the odd pages. Exactly we I need in a book.

In a recent book I need to have asymmetrical text blocks in one spread—aligned to the left—in order to accommodate the margin notes to the right, and yet I want the beginning of the book (intro, ToC etc.) and the colophon to have a symmetrical layout.

Since the two-sided mode defines the margins as inside---outside, which is a symmetrical layout through the spine, how can I have an asymmetrical margins in the two-sided mode?

The second question is, how can I turn back to symmetrical margins for some particular pages?



To make chapters start on odd pages without switching page margins between even/odd pages, use the KOMA-Script class option twoside=semi. To change the margins within the document, use the geometry package and its \newgeometry macro. In the following example, I mimic KOMA-Script' s settings at the start (in particular, I use a textblock scale of 0.7) and then change the horizontal scale to 0.6 and the horizontal margin ratio to 3:5 so that the left margin is kept constant (15% of the page width, contrary to 25% for the right margin).










Some text.\marginpar{Some text in the margin.}



enter image description here

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