Is it possible to omit the heading when I use the \printbibliography command?

I want to print two different bibliographies one after the other and need to add some text between the second heading and the bibitems.

1 References



2 Sources

Some text here but just a little bit



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Yes, if you just want to get rid of the headings, just use \printbibliography[heading=none]. You have other options to customize the headings through \defbibheading (see section 3.6.7 of the biblatex manual). There are several predefined headings which you can choose by specifying the option [heading=] to \printbibliography, none is one of these.

Note that if you want to add some text between the heading and the list of references, you also have the option prenote which you can supply to \printbibliography.

Here is an example using prenote and title to change the title of the second reference list.


author = {Author, A},
title = {An interesting paper},
journal = {Journal},
year = {2012},
volume = {2},
pages = {70--76},
author = {Buthor, B},
title = {An also interesting paper},
journal = {Journal},
year = {2012},
volume = {2},
pages = {77--79},


\lipsum[1] \cite{A2012}


\lipsum[2] \cite{B2012}

\defbibnote{note}{Here are some additional references for further reading}



And the output:

enter image description here

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    The documentation is definitely too big! That's exactly what I was looking for.
    – Oliver
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  • How about effecting a \thispagestyle{myheadings} command on the \printbibliography command, how can I do that? thanks!
    – ultrajohn
    Commented May 7, 2013 at 16:06

See the answer (with example) given by Martin Scharrer:

The thebibliography environment uses \section*{\refname} (article class and similar classes) or \chapter*{\bibname} (book and report and similar classes) internally. Redefining that macro locally to take and discard two arguments (one for *, one for the actual argument) will remove the headline. Example...

Hiding the title of the bibliography

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