In the legend for a bar plot that I'm building, I'm only getting a small tick next to the name, not a block of color. I'm not defining any special cycle lists. The code for the plot is:

\caption{Comparison of Solutions}
  \begin{axis}[xbar interval=0.7, height=400pt, width=3.25in, symbolic y coords={a,b,c,d,e}, ylabel={Number of Nodes}, xlabel={Number of Colors}, yticklabels={50,100,200,500,100}, legend style={cells={anchor=south west, inner xsep=0, inner ysep=0, fill}, nodes={inner sep=0}}]
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\colorseight};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\colorssixteen};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\colorsthirtytwo};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\dfseight};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\dfssixteen};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\dfsthirtytwo};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\comeight};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\comsixteen};
  \addplot table [x=colors, y=symb]{\comthirtytwo};
  \legend{DiMa2eD (4 links), DiMa2ed (8 links), DiMa2ed (16 links),4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12}

Each macro refers to a different tab deliniated file. Here is one that can be duplicated for experimenting.

nodes   colors  links   symb
50  178     16  a
100     176     16  b
200     177     16  c
500     183     16  d
500     183     16  e

and the preamble command to create the macro:


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Adding the option area legend to the axis options draws a little rectangle in the legend instead of a line segment (p. 120 in the pgfplots manual).

With the axis options legend style={cells={anchor=center, fill}, nodes={inner sep=1,below=-1.1ex}},area legend and your example file I get

Bar plot legend in pgfplots


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