I am writing a paper simultaneously with my thesis; the paper will be included verbatim in the thesis (or at least, parts of it will).

I am looking for a solution that allows me to update my paper without maintaining a separate version for inclusion in the thesis.

I currently use the standalone package with the import package to allow inclusion of independently-compilable documents. This works for almost everything, but not for figures: I include figures with \includegraphics, and it cannot find figures included in a subdirectory of the paper unless they're also in the same subdirectory of the thesis.

Is there a way around this, besides the obvious but, imo, ugly use of symbolic links?

Following the suggested links, I noted that this question: How to make the main file recognize relative paths used in the imported files? recommends using subimport, in which case my question may become "when should I use subimport vs import vs input." But I'm not sure, so I'm still asking the original question, this is just "showing my work".


Latex actually supports to use relative paths. Both of the following two ways can achieve your goal (assume all your figures in figures folder):

  1. Add \graphicspath {{figures/}} before \begin{document}

  2. Use \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{figures/your-figure.eps}

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