I've just started using the exam class to typeset, well, an exam, and when using the \gradetable command to create the final grade table, it only shows me the points at the granularity of a question, but not the parts (or subparts, etc.) of that question, as the following example illustrates:



What if there were no air?
Describe the effect on the balloon industry.
Describe the effect on the aircraft industry.
Define the universe.
Give three examples.
If the universe were to end, how would you know?



enter image description here

Is there anyway to make the gradetable split up the points into parts, or should I do it myself?


Sorry, but there's no way to have the gradetable list individual parts. You can list the points either by question number or by page number, but those are the only options.

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    Is there any plan on adding this functionality? Many times we prefer explicitly marking how many points they got in each part. – fabikw Nov 2 '16 at 19:46

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