I am using the biblatex package in the verbose-trad1 style.

When generating a bibliography at the end of my chapter, all references are listed in alphabetical author, but they are NOT numbered.

Is there a way to have all references numbered? That way, the readers would also have an idea of the number of references in the bibliography.

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There are different commands for biblatex to have different styles for citations and the bibliography. For example you can have

    citestyle=verbose-trad1,  % Your citation style.
    bibstyle=numeric,         % Style for bibliography list. It will be numeric.
    sorting=none,             % The citations will be listed in the order of appearance
    backend=biber             % This is not necessary for newer versions of biblatex as 
                              % it is the default, but it certainly helps to keep things
                              % explicit.

For different sorting schemes refer to the p.52 of Biblatex guide.

I guess, that there are also several somewhat related questions on TeX.SX:

Maybe these will be helpful as well.

  • Making a distinction between citestyle and bibstyle in my preamble indeed helped to generate a numbered reference list. However, due to numeric style now chosen, it also removed the dashes that were normally used to replace recurrent authors/editors in the bibliography, thus visually grouping items by the same author or editor. I have tried to re-enable this feature by adding dashed=true in my preamble, but this did not work. Any ideas?
    – user27894
    Mar 24, 2013 at 14:26
  • As far as I understand, the dashed option is available only for verbose, authoryear and authortitle styles. Currently, I do not have any suggestions how to solve the problem. Either way, why do you need to number your citations in the bibliography list?
    – aignas
    Mar 24, 2013 at 15:21

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