I'm using LyX on Linux Mint 14 ...

Using BibTeX with the apalike style and some modifications in the preamble, I've managed to get the bibliography as it should be except for one thing. When I cite a work with multiple authors it gets printed with the separator "and" which isn't correct for my language (Danish). Curiously it's displayed correctly in the user interface of Lyx - for example "(Wittgenstein og Waismann 2003 - which led me to believe everything was ok but in the pdf the separator "and" is used both in the reference and in the bibliography.

Is there any way to fix this using BibTeX, or can it only be done with biber 1.5, as suggested in the last comment here: How to properly write multiple authors in bibtex file?

I really hope their is because getting biber to work using the following guide has thus far proven to be impossible: http://wiki.lyx.org/BibTeX/Biblatex

Help much appreciated ... I really hope I won't have to relapse into setting my master thesis up in LibreOffice.

  • Do you mean in the output or in the .bib file? The latter has to use and, but this should not affect the PDF output if you use a suitable BibTeX style. The apalike style is not going to work for you here, so you may well be best getting biblatex working.
    – Joseph Wright
    Mar 24, 2013 at 20:51
  • @JosephWright - I'm curious to find out what you mean by "The apalike style is not going to work for you...". Could you elaborate?
    – Mico
    Mar 24, 2013 at 21:24
  • 1
    @Mico The apalike style does not include any babel or similar hooks, so at least without editing a copy of the style (not really what Lyx is about) it's not possible to change the output language of the fixed phrases.
    – Joseph Wright
    Mar 24, 2013 at 21:41
  • @JosephWright - Thanks for this. Indeed, the apalike style is rather old.
    – Mico
    Mar 24, 2013 at 21:45

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Welcome to TeX.SE! If you want to stick with the apalike bibliography style, you'll need to edit it a wee bit, as follows:

  • Locate the file apalike.bst on your system, and copy it to a new file called, say, ogapalike.bst. Don't edit the original file directly.

  • Open the file ogapalike.bst in your favorite editor.

  • Locate the following line in the function format.names (it's on l. 225 in my copy of this file):

                  { " and " * t * }

    and change it -- you guessed it -- to

                  { " og " * t * }
  • Locate the following line in the function format.lab.names (it's on l. 851 in my copy of the file):

                { " and " * s #2 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ * }

    and change it -- you guessed right again! -- to

                { " og " * s #2 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ * }
  • Save the file ogapalike.bst either in the directory where your main .tex file is located, or somewhere in the search path of your TeX distribution; if you do the latter, be sure to update the TeX filename database according to the distribution's suggestions. Start using it with the instruction


    The first time you use the new style file, be sure to rerun BibTeX and LaTeX twice more to fully propagate all "and to og" changes...

Happy (Bib)TeXing!


Thanks a lot for the answer and the comments! I just found this package with a Danish version of the standard styles including apalike: http://www.tug.dk/projekter/dk-bib so this will be my solution.

For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint: the styles are included in the package texlive-bibtex-extra along with similarly translated styles - so this might also be the solution for problems like this in other languages.

Thanks again for the great reply though - I already like TeX and the community a lot ...

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