When using the IEEE template (LaTeX and BibTeX) the references page appears before the title page. Why is this?

The LaTeX file:


% correct bad hyphenation here
\hyphenation{op-tical net-works semi-conduc-tor}

% paper title
% can use linebreaks \\ within to get better formatting as desired

\title{Bare Demo of IEEEtran.cls for Conferences}

% author names and affiliations
% use a multiple column layout for up to three different
% affiliations


The abstract goes here. 


% no \IEEEPARstart
This demo file is intended to serve as a ``starter file''
for IEEE conference papers produced under \LaTeX\ using
IEEEtran.cls version 1.7 and later. \cite{dp}
% You must have at least 2 lines in the paragraph with the drop letter
% (should never be an issue)
I wish you the best of success.

\hfill mds

\hfill January 11, 2007

\subsection{Subsection Heading Here}
Subsection text here.

\subsubsection{Subsubsection Heading Here}
Subsubsection text here.

The conclusion goes here.

The authors would like to thank...


the bib file:

@Article{ dp,
  title = {Exact and approximate representations for the sum Dirichlet process},
  author = "Ishwaren, H. and Zarepour, M. ",
  journal = "Can J Stat",
  Volume = 30,
  PAGES = {269–283},
  year = 2002,
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    Welcome to TeX.sx! and congratulations for the good example. While the \bibliographystyle command can go almost anywhere, the \bibliography command should go where you want the bibliography to be typeset.
    – egreg
    Mar 25, 2013 at 21:26
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    We try hard to be friendly, particularly to newbies. Welcome again.
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\bibliography needs to go where you actually want your bibliography output (at the end?)

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