I am writing an annotated bibliography, using the command \fullcite{key} to list the reference.

How can I get biblatex to suppress the language entry? ie it produces

Author,A. (2010) Title. eng. Journal, etc.

I have tried issuing the command \AtEveryBibitem{\clearfield{language}} and it works for entries if I do a \printbibliography command, but not for anything produced by \fullcite{key}.

Can anyone help me with this? At the moment, digging into the sourcode for biblatex to make a modified \fullcite command looks a bit difficult for me.,

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The command \AtEveryBibitem that you're using does not affect \fullcite. If you want to make adjustments to the \fullcite results, you can use \AtEveryCitekey in place of \AtEveryBibitem.

If you want the same adjustments for both \printbibliography and \fullcite, you can make your adjustements with \AtEveryBibitem, then use:


(Version 2.7 or later of biblatex needed for \UseBibitemHook.)


Here is how to modify the definition of \fullcite (language is of type list, so one has to use \clearlist instead of \clearfield)


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