I am a beginner for creating latex templates. I am using a custom template for CV. And I would like to create a table which looks like below. I like the way the text wraps in the columns. This is taken from moderncv latex template. I tried to copy the code from moderncv template in order to create this table. However,I was not able to do it, because it generated some errors which I was unable to resolve. I read about a similar question which is mentioned here. However it did not help my problem.

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I will try to provide a MWE here -



\singleitem{Hardware Platforms}{Intel MPSoC for Wireless USB, TI MPSoC for VOIP, Freescale IMX31, MIPS32, ATMEL, ARM 7, Microblaze}
\singleitem{Development Tools}{GCC, Rose Compiler, Xilinx ISE,  Logic Analyzer, LeCroy USB Tracer, Ellisys Wireless-USB Tracer,  Atmel AVR Studio}
\singleitem{Languages}{C, C++, Linux Shell Scripts, VHDL, Assembly,  SystemC, Java}
\singleitem{Operating Systems}{Linux, VxWorks, RTLinux, MQX, RedBoot}
\singleitem{Protocols}{PCI, USB, Wireless USB, RS 232, SPI, I2C, Ethernet}
\singleitem{Other}{Clearcase, SVN}


Here is the short template file which I am using.




The PDF it produces has somewhat cluttered appearance. enter image description here

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Okay I did a hack to solve the problem I had. I modified the singleitem command as given below -


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