Is there a Beamer for LyX (or something analogous so that I can make a poster)? A code for a sample poster would be great.

If so, can one please leave some details on how I would go about adding this (I.e. do I add something to my LateX preamble, do I download a package)?

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  • Given a LateX source code, how do I enter this into LyX? I know how to turn my work into a LateX source, but I do not know how to do the opposite.
  • I also have MikTeX. I am not sure if Beamer can be used directly on that, but if it is possible, please give some details.
  • Does one turn the code/work into a PDF before making it a poster? If not, what would I convert my material to before I print out a poster? I have access to a facility that will print out the poster.
  • If I'm not supposed to use PDF for the poster, is there a way to see what my current work looks like?


After downloading the link sciposter.lyx in the "tread" in the comment below given by dcmst, I wanted to see what the sample looked like in PDF, but I got this error. enter image description here

  1. Though it is written for LaTeX (but LyX generates LaTeX), all the information in "How to create posters using LaTeX" might be a good starting point to get some impression what is possible.

  2. Possibly, with the package "beamerposter" you can use "beamer"...

  3. In the end (after setting up and writing your document), you can create a PDF file as usual. So you will definitely get a PDF.


In addition to the answers and comments here.

1) I am not aware of Lyx editor,Lyx Templates site, Writing posters with beamerposter package in LaTeX would be good start point.

2) Yes,you can use beamer on MiKTeX. Run commandwindow cmd from start programs menu and type kpsewhich beamer.cls beamerposter.sty at command prompt to verify the installation of beamer.cls and beamerposter.sty.

If you have it then you see the path of files, in any case MiKTeX has automatic package installation when you start compiling the beamerposter document code. If automatic package installation fails use MiKTeX package manager to install any package and Update your MiKTeX distribution to latest package version

3) beamerposter as mentioned by e-birk & others has all poster sizes ranging A0->A4 poster size ratios. For getting started with beamerposter example see author's page or ctan

4) The source beamerposter-example.tex is converted to beamerposter- example.pdf (A0 or A3 size)depending on option for example: \usepackage[size=a0]{beamerposter}in poster size requirement.

Change option to size=a4 size (for draft and avoid paper waste) and size=a4 sheet once it's final. Otherwise use the same A0-poster.pdf to print on A4 paper by selecting the printer paper size options. You don't need anything more documents except .tex for code and .pdf for printing once beamer.cls and beamerposter.sty` is installed. Hope this helps you get started.

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