Can someone help me understand how to make the pages in LyX numbered in Roman numerals? also how can i set a page number according to me like if i want vii instead of i at first page ?


Open Document | Settings | Latex Preamble and insert


and you should be done.

If you want lower case roman numberals, use \pagenumbering{roman}


In the wiki page of LyX you can see:

How can I have roman pagination (i, ii, iii...) for the first part of my document?

If you use a book class, simply insert


at the beginning of the document. This will switch page numbering to roman (i, ii, iii...)


will switch back to arabic (1, 2, ...) and start from "1".

With report or article classes, insert at the beginning (in the LaTeX preamble):


and then, where you want to switch back (somewhere on the page in the normal text), in ERT (Ctrl-L):


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