The following trivial example illustrates my objective to create a converting operator ptcm (pt to cm). Unfortunately, it produces errors in TeX world as opposed to PS world.



\pstVerb{/ptcm {\pst@number\psunit\space div} bind def}
\psline(!4 12 ptcm sub 0)

The error messages are:

! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> /ptcm {\pst 
                       @number\psunit \space div} bind def
l.17 \end{frame}

! Emergency stop.
<argument> /ptcm {\pst 
                       @number\psunit \space div} bind def
l.17 \end{frame}

How to create a new converting operator?

<argument> /ptcm {\pst 
                       @number\psunit \space div} bind def

shows you that \pst@number has been parsed as \pst @number because @ is not a letter.

Beamer reads frame bodies as a macro argument so you need to put \makeatletter before the frame.

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