When working with a large beamer document, it is convenient to use \includeonlyframes{foo, bar, baz} to focus on a few specific slides at a time. However, one also needs to change it each time to include the labels of the slides that they want.

Instead, is it possible to use a wild card to pick out the slides? For example, I prefix the labels for all my slides with "SectionName", which is the section that slide is in. So a typical frame would look like:


I would like to be able to select all frames in the introduction section by doing something like \includeonlyframes{Intro*} (the syntax can be changed to suit ease of programming, as long as the functionality is possible). Is this possible, and if so, how should I go about implementing it?


I modified the syntax a bit to make it easier, -* denotes the wild card and the individual labels that match the wildcard have to have - in their name.


  \def \beamer@temp {#2}%
\fi }






produces slides AAA BBB and DDD the first two from the Intro-* wildcard.

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    +1 This feature should be added to the next beamer release! – jub0bs Apr 8 '13 at 1:10

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