I'm new to LaTeX, and I'm currently struggling with trying to create a table for a lab report. The table has to look like this:

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I have tried looking at the \tabular, \tabulary and \tabularx environments, but I just can't seem to figure out how to set up that first row. Can anyone give me some tips on how I can best set up the right hand side so that it has 2 rows as shown, whilst the left hand side takes up one row that is equal in height?

This is what I've tried, but to no avail:

\multirow{2}{*}{Flow rate (L/hour)} &
\multicolumn{2}{*}{Water Temperatures (\degree C)} 
\multicolumn{2}{*}{Pipe Surface Temperatures (\degree C)}
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Tables are best done with the booktabs package:

enter image description here



Configuration & Flow rate   & \multicolumn{2}{c}{Water Temperatures (\si{\degree}C)} &
\multicolumn{2}{c}{Pipe Surface Temperatures (\si{\degree}C)} \\
              & (L/hour) & Inlet & Outlet & Inlet & Outlet\\
\cmidrule(lr){1-1} \cmidrule(lr){2-2} \cmidrule(lr){3-4} \cmidrule(lr){5-6}

  10\% & 16 & 44.9 & 24.5 & 39.8 & 23.7 \\
  10\% & 16 & 44.9 & 24.5 & 39.8 & 23.7 \\
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