Following the manual of Circuit macros for LaTeX, just at the beginning I try to make the first circuit picture in LaTeX "quick.m4" processing that first with m4, then dpic, and adding the code exactly like in the manual to a new LaTeX document. I have tried a lot of time but I have always the same error about the line


What does it mean?

P.S. I run pdflatex on linux.

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See page 36 of the manual:

15.PSTricks anomaly: If you are using PSTricks and you get the error message Graphics parameter ‘noCurrentPoint’ not defined.. then your version of PSTricks is older than August 2010. You can do the following ...

  • thanks. The version of PStricks was of 2009, because Ubuntu still use this obsolete version of latex... I am updating all the packages – nunzio13n Apr 9 '13 at 16:57

\spline is a basic eepic drawing command rather than a pstricks macro so it looks like you have invoked dpic without the -p (or other) option. Look at the Quick Start section of the Circuit_macros manual to fix the problem.


The important file is quick.tex; make sure that it contains valid PSTricks code; that is, it should start with the two lines


If it does not then m4 and dpic -p have not been called correctly. If it does then it sounds as if you are not using a postscript viewer that displays graphics. The command sequence should be

latex q
dvips q

which produces the postscript file q.ps. Print it or look at it with gsview.

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