I've been working on this for the last three hours and found no clue. This morning I found the blog Certificates with LaTeX and downloaded the tex file certificate.tex. When I compile this in my emacs I run into the following error report:

ERROR: LaTeX Error: File `nowidow.sty' not found

I followed the instruction on this post:

Where do I place my own .sty files, to make them available to all my .tex files?

and put the nowidow.sty into the directory: /usr/local/share/texmf/nowidow

But the error report still pops up. Did I put the file in the wrong directory or am I missing other important steps? Could anyone help me? My system is Ubuntu 12.04.

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There is a TeX directory structure below .../texmf/. In your case the .sty file should go into


The subdirectory tex means "TeX files" and the subdirectory latex stands for the TeX format "LaTeX" (format file latex). Documentation: A Directory Structure for TeX files.

Usually you also need to refresh the file name database for TEXMFLOCAL by running texhash or mktexlsr (as root because of /usr).

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