How do I define this in LaTeX - I am writing a description of a set, and I need huge braces because I have lot of clauses to fit in, and it will take more than 1 line. For example:

A = \{ (x,y,z) : \exists ... \forall ... (big definition of a graph)\}

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Using the amsmath package, the proper solution would be to break the long definition using multline (or multline* for no equation number):

A = \{ (x, y, z) \colon \exists \dots \forall \dots \\
    \text{(your big definition of a graph goes here)} \}

If you insist on having large braces around the definition of your set you can use something like:

A = \left\{ 
  &(x, y, z) \colon \exists \dots \forall \dots \\ 
  &\text{(your big definition of a graph goes here)}

In your preamble:

\usepackage{braket} % needed for \Set

In your math mode:

A = \Set{ (x,y,z) : \exists ... \forall ... (big definition of a graph)}
  • This is a great answer since it makes the '(x,y,z)' centered in the vertical direction. In addition one may add arrays of conditions in place of the 'big definition'.
    – np8
    Sep 30, 2016 at 21:58

For one line, you can use

\left\{ (x,y,z) : bla bla \right\}

For multiple lines, for example

      & \left\{ (x,y,z) : bla bla \right. \\
      & \hspace{1cm} \left. bla bla bla \right\}

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