I always seem to compile the code but forget to save. Albeit I do save every now and then, but I want to know if it automatically saves when I compile the code, just incase my laptop hangs or something happens that might make me lose my work in the future.

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    I don't use TexShop, but it will surely save before compiling. TexShop itself doesn't do the compilation: it passes the whole .tex file off to pdflatex (or whichever compiler you are using). In order to do that it has to write the latest changes to the file. – Ubiquitous Apr 12 '13 at 18:39
  • The latest TeXShop version supports the auto-save features of OS X Mountain Lion. – Matthew Leingang Apr 12 '13 at 19:04

Yes. It calls an external program to typeset, so it must save the file first. Mac OS always gives a visual indication if the file has unsaved changes: the red "close window" button is blocked out. You will notice that the button clears whenever you typeset.

(Version 2.45 had a bug where it did not automatically save when typesetting. However, you would surely notice this, since changes would not appear in the output until you saved the file.)

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