Quick question to anyone who has used this LaTeX template:


Any ideas on how to change the left margin to get more words onto one page?

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From the file vmargin.sty, margins can be set with


or with


Define the parameters (leftmargin, topmargin, etc) and put this command just before \begin{document} in the file main.tex.

From vmargin.sty:


A4 paper, left margin 30mm, top, right, and bottom margin 20mm each, no headers or footers:


The same settings would result with:

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    While the answer is good, I'd suggest avoiding vmargin that's not compatible with other packages, notably atbegshi that's needed for instance by pdfpages. It's better to use geometry for setting the page parameters.
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    Apr 13, 2013 at 21:03

Have you tried the layout package ?

If not, try this, but I cannot guarantee you that it will work...

Just put \usepackage{layout} in the preamble, and put \layout where you want (I do it right after \begin{document}). It'll display a page with the margins, and the names of the margins under the picture...

You can resize every margin like this :

Set \setlength{"Name of the margin wo want to resize"}{"length"} in the preamble.

Here is an example of the \layout : enter image description here

You just have to resize the right margin...

I hope it'll work with thesis, I haven't tried yet...

  • I'm curious, did it work ?
    – 3isenHeim
    Apr 13, 2013 at 21:44
  • Using your direction, I have the following errors: (/usr/local/texlive/2012/texmf-dist/tex.latex.tools/layout.sty) Runaway argument? {document] \layout \frontmatter ./main.tex:40: Paragraph ended before \begin was complete. <to be read again> \par I.40 ?
    – user13907
    Apr 13, 2013 at 22:18

With this template you should be able to set the margins in the Thesis.cls file.

In the file there is a section for margins as follows

   %    MARGINS
    \setmarginsrb  { 1.5in}  % left margin
                            { 0.6in}  % top margin
                            { 1.0in}  % right margin
                            { 0.8in}  % bottom margin
                            {  20pt}  % head height
                            {0.25in}  % head sep
                            {   9pt}  % foot height
                            { 0.3in}  % foot sep

In the version I used it was on lines 74-84 of the file. If you edit these margin settings it should change the settings on the template.

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