I am using an enumerate environment to enumerate over a set of equations. Everything works fine but, if there is a page break when generating the pdf while the enumerate is not complete, the indentation at the next page appears to be centered rather than the usual left aligned. Can anyone tell me why this happening?

The code is as follows:




Lot of contents and equation go here.......


The different equation obtained using KKT conditions are:

\noindent X\dotfill X

    \item Primal feasibility constraints are:
        \begin{equation} -(Bw^{(1)} + e_2b^{(1)}) + q \geq e_2, q \geq 0 \end{equation}
    \item Complementary Slackness conditions are:
        \begin{equation} \alpha^T(-(Bw^{(1)} + e_2b^{(1)}) + q - e_2) = 0, \beta^Tq = 0 \end{equation}
    \item Multiplier Positivity constraints are:
        \begin{equation} \alpha\geq 0, \beta \geq 0 \end{equation}
    \item Gradient conditions with respect to $w^{(1)}$, $b^{(1)}$ and $q$ are:
        \begin{equation} A^T(Aw^{(1)} + e_1b^{(1)}) + B^T\alpha = 0 \end{equation}
        \begin{equation} e_1^T(Aw^{(1)} + e_1b^{(1)}) + e_2^T\alpha = 0 \end{equation}
        \begin{equation} c_1e_2 - \alpha - \beta = 0 \end{equation}

\noindent X\dotfill X


After the second point, a page break occurs and the indentation goes haywire. Any help would be great. One more thing: I haven't imported any package besides mathtools.

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