I wish to know that if I download TeX Live 2011 from TUG today in April 2013 and then try to update the packages from CTAN, will I get the last packages that were frozen for the 2011 year for TeX Live?

I have the final (frozen) state of TeX Live 2011 on a computer and this version has served me well. Now I wish to have the same installation (with the same versions of the packages) on a different computer.


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You will have problems updating your just-installed TL2011 from the net, as probably most (all?) update-servers won't serve updates for TL2011 anymore. So your best bet is to install TL2011 from the DVD (obviously not from the net) and then copy the TL2011 directory from the running installation to the new computer. If you use Unix, you can skip the installation and copy the TL2011 directory and adapt $PATH etc.

  • Thank you. I installed a fresh iso file on the new Windows machine, renamed the 2011 folder it to something else and then put the folder of the most recent version of TL2011 that I have from my old computer. A texhash is necessary afterwards. 1 vote up. Commented Apr 18, 2013 at 9:41

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