I'm using scrbook with the twosidesoption, and BCOR=10mm. The title page, being an odd page, has a large margin on the right, and a small margin on the left.

I'm currently using the following to make the title page centered:

\KOMAoptions{twoside = false}
\KOMAoptions{twoside = true}

However, I'm getting warnings that I should not do change the typearea.

Is the above workaround unhealthy for getting the right input dimensions?

More importantly: When should one use a (one-sided) cover page, and when should one use a (two-sided) title page?

This question is related to Centered title page in twoside report and Make titlepage one-sided (centered) while all other pages are two-sided , but is rather interested in the technical and layout details.

  • The question "When should you use it?" admits of no objective answer. When you think it looks better! Obviously only if you have a centered title page. Then the decision whether to center on the paper or the text-block seems to vary from publisher to publisher: a glance at a few books on my shelf shows both. Commented Apr 16, 2013 at 17:38

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You didn't show us a MWE so I have to guess.

If you make your title page with KOMA-Scripts class scrbook and if you use \maketitle the title page is included in the standard type area. For a double sided book you have different margins, the outer margin is wider, the inner smaller. That's the reason why you get no centered title page.

If you want a centered title page without changing typearea use environment titlepage and package textpos. With textpos you can move text on a special point and at last you can build a centered title page by your own.

An alternative would be to create a second tex file, onesided, and use the resulting title page from this second file.


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