I am using the fixme package for inserting notes in my LaTeX documents. The note text is by default bold, and I've enabled colors using \fxsetup{theme=color}. However, I would like to have even more separation from the surrounding text, especially on a black&white printouts.

Does the package itself support surrounding the text with (for example) square brackets.

I've checked the fixme manual, but I am getting lost in non-familiar terminology such as 'targets' and 'faces'.

For example, in the following example I would like the resulting PDF text 'FiXme Note: Something's wrong here' to be displayed in the PDF as either '[Fixme Note: Something's wrong here]' or 'Fixme Note: [Something's wrong here]' (both are fine with me).

   An apple is a pear \fxnote{Something's wrong here}

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  {\@fxuseface{inline}\ignorespaces[#3 \fxnotename{#1}: #2]}}

   An apple is a pear \fxnote{Something's wrong here}

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    Perfect. Only thing is that when using multiuser mode (e.g. by inserting \fxsetup{theme=color, mode=multiuser} \FXRegisterAuthor{me}{ame}{\color{red}Me} and calling it via \menote{This is a colored, user specific note} the first bracket is not colored. But this is just a micro issue for me, or not an issue at all, actually. Apr 18, 2013 at 10:04

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