I'm looking for a free ornaments font. I know about webomint and pifont. Where can I find more glyphs?


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You can't miss adforn font. Use \usepackage{adforn} to access the glyphs. See manual of the package for the commands.

font table

There are still other fonts including ornaments (not in The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List), for example, linux-libertine (libertine package).


fourier offers ornamental glyphs, specifically fourier-orns. A short example:


enter image description here

There are more, have a look at the fourier-orns example pdf file.


There is also pgfornament. This is not a font - any more than pst-vectorian is a font. Rather, it consists of code for drawing ornaments using PGF.

While not on CTAN, it is readily available and, I think, quite popular because, unlike its pst- predecessor, it can be straightforwardly used with pdfTeX. It is available as pgfornament.zip.

A sampler:

PGF 'vectorian' ornaments


  \foreach \i in {1,...,89} {\expandafter\pgfornament\expandafter{\i}\ }

If you are using XeTeX or LuaTeX, you can use anything from Font Squirrel's dingbat list, which lists some nice ones.

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    A notable font not available from Font Squirrel is Florea.
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umrandb and umranda are not listed here:

\verb|\font\umranda=umranda \umranda  \char35 --- | \font\umranda=umranda
\umranda  \char35
\verb|\font\umrandb=umrandb \umrandb  \char114 --- | \font\umrandb=umrandb
\umrandb  \char114

enter image description here

enter image description here


I think that pst-vectorian really needs a shout-out here. It's got some stunning ornaments.

The DRM font also has some interesting ornamental possibilities. (Disclaimer: I'm the author of DRM, and my opinion of it is correspondingly biased.)

Both have demonstrative documentation.

  • As this is the answer that made me look at DRM, I'll try asking here: I keep getting an error that `tilde' is already defined when I try to use DRM. I looked at the only other question that kinda is related (unless I simply did not search correctly) [tex.stackexchange.com/questions/239178/…, but it didn't help. I'm using XeLaTeX, could this be the problem? How can I solve it? Mar 2, 2018 at 15:40
  • XeLaTeX might be the problem; I've never seen that error in pdflatex or lualatex. I'm sorry; I wish I could help. Mar 9, 2018 at 2:09
  • Would you recommend switching to LuaLaTeX in general? I switch fonts quite a lot, which is why I opted for XeLaTeX in the first place. Does LuaLaTeX offer the same convenience there? Mar 9, 2018 at 10:24
  • It's hard to say. Personally, I do use Lualatex occasionally, but I've never really exhausted the abilities of pdflatex, and I've never used xelatex. As I understand it, lualatex incorporates all of xelatex's font-related advances (particularly through fontspec), but I can't say for sure. Mar 11, 2018 at 6:00

The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List (PDF 358 pages) by Scott Pakin https://ctan.org/pkg/comprehensive


The novel package contains a font NovelDeco.otf, which includes a small number of ornaments designed for such places as underneath chapter titles, in a work of fiction. The decorations are not for math. SIL Open Font License, so you can use the font in commercial works.

Since fontspec is required to access the Open Type characters, you need to compile with LuaLaTeX (maybe XeTeX).

Although the number of decorations is small, they have the advantage of having several weights per glyph. So, you can select lighter weights when the glyphs are shown at larger scales.

If you use novel document class, there are special commands for accessing the glyphs. But without using novel you can still access the glyphs, using fontspec.

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