I would like to draw the graph displayed in the following picture with TikZ and also do some modifications:

enter image description here

Firstly I want to carry the labels of the nodes to the inside as a second line. For instance inside node a it will display a, and then below (0.5 70/70) (preferably with a smaller font than a).

Moreover I would like to change the sizes of the nodes wrt. the the numeric value displayed in the label. So as an example the node e will be approximately twice as big as node a.

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Here's one possibility:



\newcommand\mytext[3][\scriptsize]{#2\\#1 #3}
  \node[mynode,#1,text width=\the\dimexpr#2cm*3] (#3) {\mytext{#3}{#2 #4}}; 


node distance=2cm,
\mynode[below=of d]{0.45}{c}{(130/61)}
\mynode[below=of c]{0.50}{a}{(130/61)} 
\mynode[left=of a]{0.67}{b}{(130/61)} 
\mynode[right=of c]{0.95}{e}{(130/61)}
  (d) -- node[rotate=90,below] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (c); 
  (c) -- node[rotate=90,below] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (a);
  (d) -- node[sloped,below] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (b); 
  (e) -- node[sloped,below] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (a); 
  (b) to[bend left] node[above] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (a); 
  (a) to[bend left] node[below] {\mytext[\normalsize]{0.9}{(72/8)}} (b); 


enter image description here

The syntax for the \mynode command is

\mynode[<options>]{<value>}{<name>}{<additional text>}

The optional argument passes <options> to a \node; <value> will be used to internally calculate the node size, and also in the label; <name> will be used for the label and to name the node, <additional text> is the text that will accompany <value> in the label.


Here is one way you can have text in the nodes and also have the node scaled to the weight:

enter image description here


  • You need to carefully select the value of the \DefaultSize based on the range of your data.
  • As per Qrrbrbirlbel's suggestion I have scaled based on the sqrt of the size parameter so as to keep the area proportional to the weight.




\tikzset{My Style/.style={circle,draw=black, ultra thick, fill=yellow!40,align=center}}

    % #1 = optional node paramaters
    % #2 = label
    % #3 = scale
    % #4 = additional text
    \node [My Style, minimum size=\NodeSize,#1] (#2) {#2 \\ {\tiny #3 #4}}

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