My appendices are rather small and I want them to come one after another (like \section) without the blank page before \chapter{} (due to openright option). Another problem is that chapter headings take a lot of vertical space above and below them.

How can we remove or decrease these spaces? so that \chapter behaves almost like \section.

Take a look:


\caption{Reservoir relative permeability chart ($k_r$ vs. $S_w$).}

Take a look: Output http://8pic.ir/images/25061788036600309756.png

I wish I was clear.


You can control the space with \renewcommand{\chapterheadstartvskip}{\vspace*{-\baselineskip}} to be like \section.

I don't know about the open<?> option of the book class, but with KOMAscript you can change that option later on:



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