Is there any IDE that allows you to draw flowcharts and generate the LaTeX codes? I've searched on google but came accross TikZ which is only a library? Is there any IDE support?

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    I don't know any dedicated IDE for flowcharts, but Inkscape can generate TikZ code. Apr 20, 2013 at 14:39
  • Not an IDE specifically for flowcharts but tikzedt can come handy for them too.
    – user11232
    Apr 20, 2013 at 14:42
  • You can also try ipe, ipe7.sourceforge.net
    – WG-
    Feb 5, 2015 at 12:47

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There are many links to various tools working with tikz at texample resources web-page sections (Tools for working with TikZ code, Tools that generate PGF/TikZ code). You can write everything in pure Tikz with editor or use some external program, to convert vector drawing into Tikz code. It's your choise.


Try this online Flowchart generator you need to drag and drop nodes to create your flowchart then it will generate the latex code for your graph

\documentclass[border=10pt, tikz]{standalone}
\usetikzlibrary{trees, positioning}


  every node/.style={draw, rectangle, align=center, minimum height=1.5cm, minimum width=2.5cm},
  level 1/.style={sibling distance=8cm},
  level 2/.style={sibling distance=4cm},
  level 3/.style={sibling distance=2cm},

\node {MRI Scanner Project}
  child {node {Project Initiation}
    child {node {Define Project Scope}}
    child {node {Conduct Feasibility Study}}
    child {node {Obtain Funding}}
  child {node {Procurement}
    child {node {Identify Suppliers}}
    child {node {Evaluate Proposals}}
    child {node {Select Supplier}}
    child {node {Procure MRI Scanner}}
  child {node {Installation}
    child {node {Site Preparation}}
    child {node {Install Scanner}}
    child {node {Testing and QA}}
  child {node {Training}
    child {node {Train Staff}}
    child {node {Coordinate with Supplier}}
  child {node {Documentation}
    child {node {Create Project Docs}}
    child {node {Maintain Records}}
  child {node {Project Closure}
    child {node {Final Inspection}}
    child {node {Handover to Center}}
    child {node {Evaluate Performance}}



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