Sorry for asking so much questions. And I think this one is pretty easy I just don't know how.

I would like to use two types of footnotes in my document. The regular \footnote using the arabic counting. And lets say \footnotea using the alphabetic way of counting.

Of course I could use the \footnotemark and \footnotetext command but that way it won't count from 1,2,3 and a,b,c etc.


There are two packages that deal with this sort of problem: the manyfoot package and the bigfoot package. The bigfoot package loads manyfoot but says:

[The] purpose of this package is to provide a one-stop solution to almost all problems related to footnotes. You can use it as a drop-in replacement of the manyfoot package, but without many of its shortcomings, and quite a few features of its own. It uses the existing document class layouts for footnotes, so you can usually use it without having to worry about the looks.

So I would probably start with it.

Note that the documentation of bigfoot is very sparse. It assumes all of the functionality of the manyfoot package, so you should use that package's documentation as the guide to how to use the package.

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