The Open Sans Condensed fonts only have Bold and not Bold italic, so when I use

\setmainfont{Open Sans Condensed Bold}

and then try to use \textit{Foo}, it doesn't render it in italic, since there isn't a font for it. However, I've noticed that for some purposes, I can use Open Sans Condensed Light Italic with a \textbf applied to it.

Is there a way to either

  • change font midway (cumbersome if I need to do it in several places)
  • tell XeTeX to "smartly" substitute all occurrences of \textit for the above main font with my preferred alternative (convenient to use)?

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I don't have an Open Sans Condensed Bold font, but the theory is just the same:

  ItalicFont={Open Sans Condensed Light Italic},
  {Open Sans Semibold}

This is normal text and \emph{this should be slanted}

I used Open Sans Semibold as the main font, so the result is not nice, but should be self-explanatory.

enter image description here

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