I have very strict requirements on how my reference list must look like. The standard biblatex styles are close but need some fine tuning. I was able to change a few things for electronic and book references. But I have spent quite some time now to format the inbook reference type and so far there is no luck. Here is a picture of what it needs to look like:

enter image description here

I use JabRef and get this record:

  chapter = {Quantitative Research},
  pages = {714-9},
  title = {The SAGE encyclopedia of qualitative research methods},
  publisher = {Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc},
  year = {2008},
  editor = {L.M. Given},
  author = {Donmeyer, R.},
  owner = {sylvia.richter},
  timestamp = {2013.04.21}

I changed the order of fields in the standard.bx file (that works) and added format info to biblatex.cfg, but that does not work. Whatever I enter there is disregarded. This line for example does nothing:

\DeclareFieldFormat[inbook]{byeditor+others}{in #1 (ed.)}

I chose byeditor+others because this is how the standard.bbx prints the editor: \usebibmacro{byeditor+others}. I have also tried just byeditor or editor but apparently this line is never called. Any help is highly appreciated!

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Your problem is probably that you never call \printfield with the "byeditor+others" format, i.e.:


Formats are either called explicitly by name as above or default to the field name:


\usebibmacro doesn't use the formats, it's just a way to group/call multiple macros. Don't forget that you have to declare/use the first data typed format:

\DeclareFieldFormat + \printfield
\DeclareListFormat + \printlist
\DeclareNameFormat + \printname

If you look up these macros in the biblatex manual, it's all explained.

  • Sry for the late reply. I have now added \printfield{editor} to the standard.bbx but that doesn't even produce any output
    – Jan
    Apr 22, 2013 at 13:43
  • We'll need a MWE at this point to see what you're doing.
    – PLK
    Apr 22, 2013 at 15:48

Turns out, the editor cannot be displayed with




does the trick.

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