Is there a way to draw a $\Downarrow$ command of a custom length? I need a double arrow. I am sure such a command exists.

I also need this symbol to be able to align inside align environment using &.


\Downarrow is expandable. See:




If you give material of a specified height, this arrow will expand (near) to this value, e.g. (suggested by Gonzalo Medina)

  • I tried to define this newcommand in the preamble and then used \vardarrow{20pt} and i got an error saying: Missing \begin{document}. ...1]{\left\Downarrow\rule{Opt{#1}\right.}.
    – 71GA
    Apr 25 '13 at 6:09

You can't get precise height, because of how \left works, but the difference will be small.


    \left\Downarrow\vbox to #1{}\right.\kern-\nulldelimiterspace


The rule is just for comparison.

enter image description here

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