I'm citing a couple of forthcoming articles without a known publication date, so I want to have "forthcoming" instead of the year in both in-text citations and the bibliography. However, I want to have the word capitalized in the bibliography, but not in the citations.

I've included a mwe below. What I want is for the in-text citation to read "Author (forthcoming)", but for the bibliography entry to read "Author, A. (Forthcoming). Beta "



        author = {Author, A.},
        year = {2001},
        title = {Alpha},

        author = {Author, A.},
        year = {forthcoming},
        title = {Beta},



\textcite{A01}. \textcite{A02}



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A possible way would be to redefine the date+extrayear bib macro.


enter image description here


You need to used the \autocap command as such in your bib entry;

    author = {Author, A.},
    year = {\autocap{f}orthcoming},
    title = {Beta},

Make sure you use the year field and not the date field, as the latter only accepts numeral.

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