The RevTeX classes, for some of the APS journals, typeset all footnotes in the bibliography (as endnotes). Although it works perfectly if I try with RevTeX4, I consistently have problems doing this under RevTeX4-1. Here's a compact example.

\title{A nearly minimal example using RevTeX4-1}
\author{Niel de Beaudrap}
    In this letter, we attempt to typeset a footnote.
    We find that it fails to be properly typeset with the package ``revtex4-1'',
    whereas it works properly with the package ``revtex4''.


The following should appear in the bibliography~\footnote{%
    This compiles correctly under RevTeX4.}.
It is our hope that others are able to reproduce our results
and identify potential sources of error. 


If I use the nofootinbib option (which turns off end notes), the package behaves properly under both RevTeX4 and RevTeX4-1.

I can manually insert my footnotes into the bibliography, but I would rather not. Help?


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You have to run bibtex in order for the footnotes to appear, so in particular, you can't use \begin{thebibliography}{99}...\end{thebibliography} but rather \bibliography{mybib}, which RevTeX4.1 will rewrite as though it says \bibliography{mybib,mypaperNotes} and create a file mypaperNotes.bib with the endnotes in it.

  • Actually, this is documented on page 13 of the RevTeX4-1 manual as well. It's a bit disappointing that this is necessary, but as it seems to be the intended workflow of RevTeX4-1 (and does solve the problem), this is clearly the correct answer. Feb 15, 2011 at 14:27

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