I'm a total LaTeX/beamer newbie looking for a way to export a slide deck I created into a sort of "book" form. I tried "handout" but that didn't seem to be what I'm looking for.

Basically, I want to create a LETTER sized document with 2 frames on each page. Seems simple, but I'm having a hard time finding examples of doing anything similar online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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try this:

\mode<handout>{\setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=black!20}}
\pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[letterpaper,border shrink=5mm]
Frame A
Frame B
Frame C
Frame D

enter image description here

the key package is pgfpages here with option 2 on 1 so that two frames per page are printed. I added some background color to show where the frames are actually placed. See the Beamer User Guide section 4.6.2 for more options (and section 58 of the PGF manual for even more options)

  • Thanks! This seems to do the trick. I'll mess around with various options of pdfpages to get it exactly how I want it.
    – user29882
    Apr 29, 2013 at 16:52

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