I am writing a lab report and there are four "questions" corresponding to lab instructions 6.1 through to 6.4. How can I set the section counter to start at 6.1 and then continue in 0.1 increments? I would like to avoid using environments like enumerate because I have tikz figures and some of the formatting I have already done elsewhere in the document may be lost. I am using the report class. Here is the MWC:

\author{student ID}
\section{} \paragraph{6.1}
\section{} \paragraph{6.2}
\section{} \paragraph{6.3}
\section{} \paragraph{6.4}
  • That seems unnecessarily complicated. Why don't you use \subsection instead? – jub0bs Apr 30 '13 at 9:41
  • Good idea. I'll use the solution from @kan below to start at 6 and \subsection to continue incrementing by 0.1. – jacob Apr 30 '13 at 10:19
  • @jacob I am not following what you mean. Mine is basically a hack. And a very dirty one at that. It really depends on what you want at the end. But, please be warned that, you should use both answers with end result in mind. – kan Apr 30 '13 at 11:14

Why not simply use subsections after setting the section counter to 6?

enter image description here

\subsection{First question}
\subsection{Second question}
\subsection{Third question}

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