\emph{Category of Benefits} & \emph{General Benefit} & \emph{Operational Advantages} \\ \hline
\multirow{3}{*}{\pbox{3.5cm}{Robust operational performance}} & \multirow{3}{*}{\pbox{5.5cm}{One sensor can contribute information while other are unavailable, denied(jammed), or lack coverage of a target or event}} & -Allows continued operation despite jamming \\
&  & -Graceful degradation \\
&  & -Increased probability of detection \\ \hline

\multirow{2}{*}{\pbox{3.5cm}{Extended spatial coverage}} & \multirow{2}{*}{\pbox{5.5cm}{One sensor can look where another cannot}} & -Increased survivability \\
&  & -Probability of detection increased  \\

For the LateX code mentioned above the table which comes looks like this ![enter image description here][1]

In the resulting table, column 1 vertical line overshoots the last horizontal line.

What is the problem?


You have a spurious final row because of the \label{tab1.1} which is inside the table. It should be outside the tabular just after (or inside) the \caption command for the surrounding table.

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