Based on this question/answer Automatically indexing references by author and year, I am trying to create an index of all my entries in the bibliography database. For that I am using biblatex to handle bibliography and imakeidx for the index, but I cannot put it to work.

The MWE is below:


    title={The integrative future of taxonomy},
    author={José M.~Padial and Aurélien Miralles and Ignacio De la Riva and Miguel Vences},
    journal={Frontiers in Zoology},
    keywords={biology, taxonomy},




\makeindex[name=authors,title=Authors Index,columns=1]
\makeindex[name=years,title=Years Index,columns=1]

% For the "years" index, we redefine the ordinary bibmacro
% which indexes titles, so that it indexes into the years
% index instead


% For authors we just redefine the field format (so that it
% includes title and year information
      { (\thefield{year})}}}
% ... and modify the relevant bibmacro to add the extra information
         \ifblank{#4}{}{#4 }%
         \@firstofone #2% remove spurious braces
         \ifblank{#5}{}{ #5}%
         \ifblank{#3}{}{, #3}%
         \ifblank{#4}{}{\MakeCapital{#4} }%
         \ifblank{#5}{}{ #5}%
         \ifblank{#3}{}{, #3}!#6
         \@firstofone #2% remove spurious braces
         \ifblank{#5}{}{ #5}%
         \ifblank{#3}{}{ #3}%
         \ifblank{#4}{}{ #4}!#6\actualoperator

% undated entries






Correct the corresponding lines in your input to


The syntax for \index is


You have braces instead of brackets.

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  • The output is not very good in the printed index. But I think it is now related with the definition of style by biblatex. – cacamailg May 1 '13 at 22:20
  • @cacamailg You're using a subitem which is quite long (the whole title), so it's split across lines. You may want to use a one column index: add the columns=1 option to the \makeindex commands. – egreg May 1 '13 at 22:37
  • I notice that later. I updated the question to include that option. Thanks. – cacamailg May 1 '13 at 22:43
  • @egreg I tried this MWE with style=apa instead of style=authoryear and I get: Package imakeidx Warning: Undefined index file test' on input line 125. and LaTeX Warning: Citation 'indextitle' on page 1 undefined on input line 125 (test.tex is my file name). How could I tweak the macros to make it work with biblatex-apa? – Francesco Oct 23 '13 at 7:45

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