Even though I have a some manuals at hand I can't seem to find a solution for my problem. Within an invoice I created with ConTeXt (MkIV) I have placed a short paragraph in the right margin. This paragraph is not be changed and I would love to have it locked at a certain vertical distance. But whenever I add new lines to my main text (in the text field) this paragraph in the margin moves down. I can fix it again by adjusting "[line=x]" but I wonder if this could be locked?

Here is how I wrote my paragraph:

\inright[style=normal,line=7]{Text in paragraph.}

Any help is much appreciated.

  • Welcome to TeX-SX! You may have a look at our starter page for a quick intro if you wish to familiarize yourself with our format. – Claudio Fiandrino May 3 '13 at 7:59

You can use the marginblocks mechanism. Margin blocks are margin floats which stack the content from the top downwards. You can use the top key to provide a fixed offset for the first margin block. Here's an example:



\input knuth

    Text in paragraph.



Another possibility is the very flexible Layers mechanism.

  • Dear Marco, thanks a lot! That is exactly what I have been looking for. – kaktus May 3 '13 at 10:20

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