My header and footer are all set. Size and position are good. However, I want to push the actual content to the right and down (creating big margins at the top and left of the document). See this final result I have in mind:

enter image description here

The geometry package is very useful at changing page margins, but it will also move my header/footer (using the fancyhdr package BTW). What is the proper package/command to use when only moving the content itself?

  • Does this answer your question: writelatex.com/168308hkpsnd ?(you may be able to guess from the graphical look if that is what you're looking for.
    – kan
    May 4, 2013 at 9:16

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The package fancyhdr offers you a declaration possibility for this:


where <length> is the value you want to see header being extended and the optional argument specifies in which direction (e.g., RO means to the right on odd-numbered pages). Similar command exists for footers. If you use the calc package the length can be given as something like


making the specification fairly painless.

Actually, the way you phrased the question: you need to start setting the \textwidth to the width that you want your content to be and position it using, for example, geometry where you want it placed. Then the above command adjusts the header size but doesn't change the content placement.

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