I would like to use \overbraces and \underbraces in my equation. However, when I make the text for \overbraces too long, the \overbrace doesn't contain the correct part.

enter image description here

\rlap{$\overbrace{\phantom{(r+\epsilon)V_t}}^{\text{Required return}}$} (r+\epsilon)V_t
\rlap{$\overbrace{\phantom{V_{t+1}^e-V_t}}^{\text{Expected capital gain}}$}\underbrace{D^e_t+V_{t+1}^e-V_t}_{\text{Total expected return on shares}}

What about this?



  \overbrace{(r+\epsilon)V_t}^{\text{\clap{Required return}}}
  \quad = \quad \underbrace{\overbrace{D^e_t+V_{t+1}^e}^{\text{\clap{Expected capital gain}}}
              - V_t}_{\text{\clap{Total expected return on shares}}}


enter image description here

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