I have a question regarding the latex book class.

I want to add a page (in the frontmatter) with information regarding copyright, ISBN, edition information, publisher, number of copies, year of publication, place of print, etc.

Is there a standard way of getting this information printed nicely?


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Here is an example, adapted from the titlepages source:

enter image description here




%% copyrightpage
\parindent 0pt
\parskip \baselineskip
\textcopyright{} 2013 Jubobs \\
All rights reserved.

    This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions
of the Jubobs License.

    The Current Maintainer of this work is Jubobs.


 99 32 11 88 48 01\hspace{2em}9 9 8 6 5 4 %1 

First edition:  & May 2013 \\
Second impression, with minor extensions & January 2009 \\
Third impression, with minor extensions & May 2013 


Bobs, Ju.\\
\hspace*{2em} Me, myself, and I / Jubobs. -- \\
\hspace*{1em} Toilet-paper Press ed. \\
\hspace*{2em} p. \hspace*{2em} cm. \\
\hspace*{2em} Includes illustrations, bibliographical references and index. \\
\hspace*{2em} ISBN \\
\hspace*{2em} 1. Book design \hspace*{2em} I. Title


The Toilet Paper Press, \\
Portland, OR \\
\texttt{toiletpaper dot press (at) jubobs dot com}



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