I'm using, lyx 2.0.2, how can I add the Subsubsection in a document with a report class to the TOC, I tried the solution provided in this Question but didn't work for me, it generated no errors but no Subsubsection is added to the TOC.
Now I have a couple of section* I added those with this:


But when I tried to do the same with Subsubsection or Subsubsection* it didn't work:

\addcontentsline{toc}{subsubsection}{subsubsection label}

Note: that the Subsubsection are not numbered in a report class, and that's how I want them to be added to the TOC.


Go to Document --> Settings --> Numbering & TOC. Move the lower slider so that subsubsections is listed as appearing in TOC.

This is equivalent to


As explained in the answer to this question.

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