A page range given in @inbook results in "Pp." (uppercase) compared to "pp." (lowercase) for @article when using block=npar. What has to be done to have it in lowercase as well?



      author         = "Foo Bar",
      title          = "Baz",
      journal        = "A. B. C.",
      volume         = "1",
      issue          = "2",
      pages          = "100-200",

      author         = "Foo Bar",
      booktitle      = "Qux",
      title          = "Baz",
      pages          = "100-200",



outcome of MWE


Localization strings are capitalized following terminal or sentence-ending punctuation characters specified by \DeclareCapitalPunctuation. By default:


The manual's description of this command also mentions that strings at the beginning of paragraphs (e.g. after \par) are also capitalized. To avoid this in paragraph-ending blocks you can modify the \newblockpunct command. For example the following


Will suppress capitalization at the beginning of a new block unless preceded by one of the characters specified in \DeclareCapitalPunctuation.

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