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I'm writing a report document, at some point I create a new section inside a chapter and I got this message from sharetex LaTeX compiler:

main.tex:122 [hyperref] The anchor of a bookmark and its parent's must not be the same. Added a new anchor. (page 3)

undefined:undefined !h' float specifier changed to!ht'. (page 3)

It looks like two different problems however I have no clue about what is causing the second one, since I have no !h statement.

This is a Minimum non Working Example:



    \item {\bf Finalização} onde são finalizados os histogramas, eventualmente traçadas curvas de ajuste \emph{(fit)} e guardados os resultados no disco.

\section{Modelo de dados}


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Following Jubobs suggestion:

I remove varioref package and the warning disappeared, I didn't get any errors by removing so apparently I wasn't using.

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