I finally got fancy-preview working, and I found the place (around line 97) in the script to add to the list of environments which it catches (to add propositions and so on). But what I can't find after a quick read-through is a way to have fancy-preview pick up \autoref, \cref, and other \ref-like commands. Does anybody know how to do this? (I don't know perl or low-level latex, so I could have easily missed something obvious.)

I much prefer using \autoref to \ref. After spending way too much time setting up fancy-preview, it would be pretty disappointing to have to give up \autoref to use it.

EDIT: After looking into this a bit further, I don't think this is controlled in the fancy-preview script. I think it's in the actual fancytooltips.dtx, around line 756. I don't yet know how to adjust this code to also redefine \autoref, but I think I'm at least looking in the right place.


The following code works for me. Save as file.tex and compile by fancy-preview file


  • In fancytooltips.sty the original command \ref is saved into \fancy@oldref and replaced by a command which acts like \ref and adds the tooltip.
  • Similarly, we store the comand \autoref to \oldautoref and replace it by a command which acts like old \autoref, ant then acts like \ref but the referrence is not printed (\fancy@oldref is temporarily redefined) and only the tooltip remains.




Consider equation
  x^2+y^2=\frac 1\pi

    \draw[red,fill=blue] (0,0) circle (2cm);
  \caption{Caption of the figure}

This if the second section. It follows Section \ref{sec:1}. See also
\autoref{equation} and \autoref{figure}, i.e. eq. \eqref{equation} and
Picture \ref{figure}.

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