I am having problem when I use the -output-directory option while I am using minted. It does not move the .out.pyg and .pyg file to the output directory and it gives me an error. enter image description here

I there any solution to order minted to put the auxilary files in the output directory not in root folder? MWE:

  const double pi = 3.1415926535

David Carlisle suggests the following in this answer:

You need \usepackage[outputdir=build]{minted} to tell minted where the files went.

This works perfectly for me.


I post this as an answer. It is not a complete answer, but it works.

If you have main.tex for example as your main file, an intermediate main.pyg is created in the root folder (despite having -output-directory switch) that will be deleted finally but is needed to properly typeset the source code. The solution is to make a shortcut to the main.pyg file and place it inside your -output-directory folder. The shortcut name should be main.pyg as well.

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